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Accomodation | Tibet

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The accommodation was a real shocker. On one end so simple and on the other, quite nice.

Days one and two (coming from Nepal and traveling east) , expect the most basic of accommodation. You’ll be staying in small towns and the hotels reflect the simplicity of life there. Rooms are dorm-style, with four to eight people per room. The rooms are like cement blocks with wooden beds and heavy comforters to keep you warm through the cold nights. As for the bathrooms, there is no running water so that means no showers or flushing toilets. Expect squat toilets and be ready to brush your teeth and wash your face by cupping your hands under your water bottle.

Day three you are in for a treat. To our surprise, we were checked into a three-star hotel. Western toilets, hot showers, clean sheets and even slippers awaited us. Days four through seven are quite the same. Hotels offer similar comforts and amenities.

We were pleased to find out all hotels we stayed in were run by Tibetan people.

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