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Cost & Value | Tibet

RMB2 Cost & Value | Tibet

Here’s a look at the cost for the various aspects of the tour and entrance into Tibet.

Visa: $114 Chinese visa (for Americans), $28 for Tibet permit

Note: You will need to have both visas if to you plan to explore China after Tibet.

Tour: Range of $300-$350

Note: We met people who paid around $350 and others paid just below $300. We paid $320. This seems to be the going range for the eight-day tour. These prices are negotiable, despite what any tour operator tells you.

Outbound Travel: $150-$200 for train ticket, $300-$400 for flight

Note: You have to have proof of onward travel to get your visa, which means you’ll have to purchase an outbound flight or train ticket prior to entering Tibet. Whether it’s a train or flight you purchase, you will pay top dollar. Popular destinations coming from Tibet by train are Xian (37 hours), Chendu (42 hours) and Beijing (48 hours). Though your research may tell you train and airfare from Lhasa are half the price noted above, you will be paying double when coming from Kathmandu. These prices are not negotiable.

Private Tours: $945 for two peole

Note: This in addition to the price of the visa and outbound travel costs noted above. As this was out of our budget, we didn’t get into the details, but understand this price is negotiable and goes down if you have four people to share it with.

So was it worth it? In our eyes, absolutely. We had a lot of gripes and grumbles leading up to the trip. We hated the idea of being part of a tour group and loathed the idea of traveling around in a bus. We were bitter at the high costs and the fact that our money was going directly to feeding the machine that is destroying Tibet.

But the fact was we were desperate to experience Tibet. Although it wasn’t the ideal way to do it, it was the only way at this moment in time.

Would we recommend it? That depends on how strong your desire is to see Tibet and your tolerance level for group tours.

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pixel Cost & Value | Tibet

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  1. roundwego says:

    @Sarina – $2,000 does seem like a lot. The main question I have is if this quote is for a private tour (1-4 people). If so, this about the price we were quoted for a small, private tour. If this is part of a large group tour like ours with around 30+ people, this seems very expensive. I imagine there could be a small increase in the permit cost for going over to the Everest Base Camp area but wouldn’t imagine it would be that great a difference. I’d shop around with some other agencies to see if you can get a better price. Let me know if we can be of more help!

    @Megan – Glad the Tibet info has been helpful. We found ourselves scrambling all around Kathmandu to get all the info together so hope this saves some time and energy. I hope you do make it to Tibet!

  2. megan says:

    Thanks for this info! Your Tibet posts are really useful, and will come in handy when I (hopefully) head there in the next couple of months.
    megan´s last [type] ..Images from Wadi Rum

  3. Sarina says:

    Hi there, I am in the process of booking a 10 day tour from Kathmandu to Lhasa via Everest base camp.
    The price I have been quoted is $2000 u.s for 2 people. From reading your blog, this is obviously too much to pay. What would you say is a reasonable price for this tour?