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Food | Tibet

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Make no mistake – a trip to Tibet is no culinary adventure. It’s quite the opposite. Food is simple, bland and basic.

At the mind-blowing (literally) altitude and desolate terrain of the Tibetan plateau, it’s difficult for many crops or livestock to survive. As a result, the Tibetan diet is based around the one crop that does flourish here – barley. From sweets to soups and everything in between, barley is an integral part of every Tibetan diet. You’ll see various forms of barley on menus in Tibet, including tsampa, pictured above. Tsampa is a Tibetan food staple, particularly prominent in the central part of the country, and is made of roasted barley flour.

During your tour, breakfast will be included at your hotel or guesthouse. It usually consists of an egg (either in omelet form or hard-boiled), a piece of white bread and some sickly-sweet jam and butter. You may get a banana or sliced apple or some boiled potatoes as an accompaniment.

Lunch and dinner can be eaten in any restaurant in town. There is an array of restaurant options in each town with Chinese and Tibetan offerings. A select few may offer some Western food. Food is cheap, with meals costing around $5- 7 for two people. I suggest trying to seek out Tibetan-run restaurants so you can give back a bit to the Tibetan community since the rest of the tour money goes right into Chinese pockets.

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