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Deciding on our round the world trip itinerary was an exciting, albeit daunting, task. There are so many places we want to see and experience, however, we wanted to be sure we were giving each destination enough time to really get to know it. We didn’t want to bounce around too much but still wanted to visit places that have enough to offer to warrant an extended stay.

The following factors played an integral role in our selections:

- Geographic location: We chose places that will be harder to get to in our lifetime, those destinations that don’t fit so easily into the meager American vacation packages. Out were destinations in Western Europe and Central America.
- Budget: We are avoiding places that would put quite a dent in our budget, which means forgoing visits to Scandinavian countries and places like Japan and Singapore.
- New + Nostalgia: We wanted the majority of the places we visit to be places we have never been, however, while in their neck of the woods, we couldn’t help but go back to a few places that we really love. In came Argentina, Brazil and Italy.
- Weather: To guarantee the weather was on our side, we strategically planned our route to follow summer around the world.

After many a day buried deep in guidebooks and pondering over travel blogs and maps, we whittled down our list to the following itinerary:

October-December 2009 – South America
- Argentina
- Brazil

January-February 2010 – South Pacific
- Fiji
- New Zealand
- Australia

March-April 2010 – Subcontinent
- India
- Nepal

May 2010 – Asia
- Tibet
- China

June-July 2010 – SE Asia
- Laos
- Thailand
- Burma
- Cambodia

July-September 2010 – Europe
- Turkey
- Greece
- Croatia
- Albania
- Montenegro
- Italy
- Switzerland

October-December 2010 – Africa
- South Africa
- Botswana
- Namibia
- Tanzania
- Zambia