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Speight’s Gold Medal Ale | New Zealand

Speights e1265790426419 Speights Gold Medal Ale | New Zealand

The Pride of the South

Speight’s Gold Medal Ale is labeled as being the “Pride of the South” in New Zealand. Hailing from the city of Dunedin on the South Island, the Gold Medal Ale has been a favorite for some Kiwis since 1876. It’s mocked by many others as being “SPEIGHT’S: Superior Piss Enjoyed In the Great Hotels in The Southland.” For the value drinker, we thought it to be palatable and can’t complain.

pixel Speights Gold Medal Ale | New Zealand

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  1. Terry James says:

    SPEIGHTS!!! “Some People Enjoy It, God Hates The Shit”

    Love your posts and photos!!!! I just spent 5 months in the South Island visiting rellies and tramping, now planning my trip to India/Nepal then probably going to do Tibet, China, and more than likely some time in Thailand. Your posts on India have given me some valuable information.