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A Portrait of Burma

In June 2010, we visited Burma. Under an oppressive military dictatorship, we witnessed life in one of the most isolated and repressed places in the world. Yet beneath extreme poverty and tragic decades of military rule, the spirit of the people touched us deeply.

This week reform is blossoming across the beautiful country of Burma. We remember the hushed whispers about then prisoned “The Lady.” Two years later that lady is free and this week claims victory to a historic election. Cautiously hopeful a new day is dawning in Burma, here are portraits of the gently resilient Burmese.

IMG 4769 e1333419587376 A Portrait of Burma

Parasol Makers | Inle Lake, Burma

IMG 4201 e1333420493252 A Portrait of Burma

Thanaka Baby | Bagan, Burma

IMG 4631 e1333422155658 A Portrait of Burma

Fisherman | Inle Lake, Burma

IMG 4441 e1333422031182 A Portrait of Burma

The Long Walk Home | Inle Lake, Burma

IMG 4277 e1333422678724 A Portrait of Burma

Cheroot, Burmese Cigar | Bagan, Burma

IMG 4890 e1333420841671 A Portrait of Burma

Boat Driver | Inle Lake, Burma

DSC04835 e1333419352753 A Portrait of Burma

Giving of the Alms | Mandalay, Burma

IMG 4062 e1333420245787 A Portrait of Burma

Luongi Maker Hard at Work | Mandalay, Burma

IMG 4780 e1333422946346 A Portrait of Burma

Karen Woman | Inle Lake, Burma

IMG 4807 e1333421240684 A Portrait of Burma

Scenes from Inle Lake | Burma

IMG 3879 e1333420616843 A Portrait of Burma

Rush Hour | Yangon, Burma

IMG 4258 e1333419887636 A Portrait of Burma

Lady Shepherd | Bagan, Burma

IMG 3782 e1333415778635 A Portrait of Burma

Street Vendor | Yangon, Burma

IMG 3880 e1333417150335 A Portrait of Burma

Morning Commute | Mandalay, Burma

IMG 4695 e1333422488808 A Portrait of Burma

Baby on Board | Inle Lake, Burma

pixel A Portrait of Burma

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  1. Drew Meyers says:

    wow, gorgeous photos — I especially like The Long Walk Home. great use of black and white..