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Masala Dosa | India

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Ah, the dosa. This is India’s version of a burrito, and like the burrito, it can be eaten any time of day: breakfast, lunch or dinner.

A dosa is a thin, spicy, crispy crêpe-like food made from fermented rice, very popular all over South India. It may be served plain or with a side of chutney, curry or gravy. There are about 50 different varieites of dosas, from just plain dosa to dosas filled with a variety of fillings. But if you ask me, nothing rivals the masala dosa. This crisp dosa is filled with spicy powders, onion-red chilli paste and potato curry and is often accompanied by coconut chutney.

Dosa Masala Dosa | IndiaYou can imagine my delight when this one, the size of my torso, arrived to my table in Delhi! As soon as I pierced into this big, puffy thing, there was no turning back. I’ve spent the last several months dreaming of this meal.

pixel Masala Dosa | India

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  1. Echofeifei says:

    Never see this incredible big size! it should be really delicious! miam miam;)