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Kiwi Coffee | New Zealand

Kiwi Coffee e1265615210946 Kiwi Coffee | New Zealand

A favorite design for Kiwi baristas - the Silver Fern

For foreigners, the Kiwi terms for coffee can be quite confusing. With names like short black, long black and flat white, suddenly Starbuck’s terminology doesn’t seem so bad.

New Zealand is home to some of the best baristas in the world, and they know it. This is a country that takes its coffees very seriously. Drip coffee is more than looked down upon here. It’s non-existent.

The flat white pictured is one third espresso, two thirds steamed milk, a touch of swirled froth and a lot of love. Like a barman with a pint of Guiness, Kiwi baristas like to add their special touch to each cup. New Zealand’s national emblem, the Silver Fern, topped off my cup of joe.

pixel Kiwi Coffee | New Zealand

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