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Lemon Soda | Nepal

4628831496 f36a64a15a Lemon Soda | Nepal

In a country where the majority religion shuns alcohol, I was in need of alternative beverage options. Thank God (or Shiva – although he always like to chill out with a puff or two instead of a drink), for the cool, crisp lemon soda that can be found at every restaurant in the subcontinent.

“Lemon” is actually a misnomer. They actually use fresh-squeezed lime juice joined by club soda, often with a hint of mint to garnish and taste. Nothing is as refreshing on a hot and muggy day.

The one pictured here was especially “hoppy.”

pixel Lemon Soda | Nepal

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  1. Asif Iqbal says:

    This is very nice post. thanks