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Top Tips For Securing Your Travel Luggage

One of the most recommended ways to keep your luggage safe when traveling is to keep them at your sight, close to you at all times. Nevertheless, this is not always possible, especially if we are talking about traveling by plane. Luggage theft is one of the most common problems aircraft passengers confront with, so if you wish to avoid the hassle next time you are ready to go your vacation, here is what you need to know.

How To Securely Check In Your Bags

  • You can leave your expensive luggage at home; sure you might feel more comfortable traveling with designer bags and luggage, but you should also know that most thieves will find designer suitcases most attractive. In other words, you are more likely to turn into a victim compared to if you were to pack your items in a cheaper suitcase.

  • However, it is best to opt for luggage that allows you to install padlocks or that already comes with small locks or padlocks to secure the content. The good news is that you have a vast variety of secured luggage to choose from, or you can simply buy cable locks you can use to secure your bags to fixed tables inside airport terminals and even hotel rooms. There are also cables locks that can be used to secure laptops so if you need to travel together with your portable computer, you can rest assured potential thieves will have a harder time getting their hands on your device. There are also cable locks and other security devices destined for tablets and all you need to do is go online and do a brief search for the best cable locks you can find.

  • Opt for luggage trackers that will allow you to easily keep an eye on your luggage at all times inside the airport and outside of it, once you reach your hotel.

  • Get in touch with a local locksmith who can better explain all the features and functions of these security devices and which are the best ways to use them. If you already have a favorite fast response Portland locksmith you use for your lock maintenance work, you can get in touch with him and ask him to come over and provide you WITH the traveling advice you need. As a side note, never leave home without making sure your locks and alarms are working properly.

  • Remember to keep your double zippers locked at all times and never lose your bags out of sight, at least until you are ready to drop them to the the check in area.

  • Opt for portable locks that can be rekeyed by the TSA agents at the airports; remember most airports require you to leave your luggage unlocked when running their inspection, and for this you will need special TSA-approved locks.

How To Safely Carry On Your Bags

  • Keep your bags with you at all times if you are not going to check them in. If you are going to be taking a flight overnight, you will need to watch out for for pilferers that are going through the overhead bins.

  • It is advisable to use bags that feature double zippers at all entry points so you can use special combo locks for them. You will also look for bags that have built-in locks or look for a split key ring that is configured so it can be attached to zippers.

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