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Meet Bertha

Lake Taupo Campervan1 Meet BerthaWe bit the bullet. We rented a campervan. We are the proud ‘temporary’ owners of a home on wheels we have endearingly named Bertha after the ‘double berth’ our baby boasts.

Campervan travel came highly recommended as the best way to live, breathe and experience all New Zealand has to offer. While the thought of living out of a glorified truck for the next month of my life sounded less than luxurious, I couldn’t help but give in. The idea had Ryan fist pumping and salivating like Pavlov’s dog so who was I to crash that party. Albeit a bit outside of our budget, we made arrangements to pick up our motor home, which would conveniently package our New Zealand transportation and accommodation in one neat, rustic package.

Coromandel Penninsula Campervan Meet BerthaBertha is a real gem, and bathroom and shower aside, she comes with all the works. We have a sink, small pantry and shelves for pots, pans and dishes. There’s a gas stove and grill to meet all our cooking needs and a refrigerator to keep our wine and beer chilled to our liking. Two long benches line the back of our girl and a wooden table can be set up in between for dining, card games and you name it. We have a small table that folds outside of the van that we use for cocktail hour and meal prepping and some folding chairs we can use to take in the scenery. At night, the benches transform into quite a nice little bed for the two of us and the sheets and blankets keep us warm on some of those chilly nights.

We were already sold on the idea of a campervan before even considering some very important details. Upon picking up the van, we discovered the vehicles are all manual, which Ryan has only driven twice (Sidenote: With my innate driving skills, our survival relied heavily on me not driving). We also underestimated the challenge driving a monstrous van on the opposite side of the road would present. Nonetheless, with keys in hand off we went.

Reeds Farm Campervan Meet BerthaDay one proved treacherous. As Ryan attempted to get the hang of driving a stick again, I sat there white-knuckling the dashboard for dear life. Whether or not we were on the right side of the road was the question of the minute and figuring out where and how to make our turns was a real challenge. Driving, or rather bouncing, our way out of Auckland was a comical disaster and trying to decipher the meaning of the traffic signs along the way was equally taxing. We were off to a poor, yet exciting start.

pixel Meet Bertha

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  1. roundwego says:

    Glad you are looking to do the campervan in NZ! This may be premature, but I think when this adventure is all said and done, our NZ campervan journey will rank near the top. Can’t say enough good things about the beauty of NZ and how fantastic it is to have the mobility and flexibility aboard a campervan. You will love it!


  2. mina says:

    we’re looking into doing this in nz as well – although, your post has me a bit nervous about it!

  3. roundwego says:

    That’s what happens with a woman behind the wheel. Put her the passenger seat where I have Laura.

  4. Colin says:

    Awesome. We had the opposite side of the road issue in South Africa, but no stick shift thank God. Kristin didn’t grasp the concept and almost side-swiped a car taking a turn. What a way to live for the next month!

  5. roundwego says:

    ExploreMore it is. Same as you, eh? Bertha (officially Campbell) is clanking its way along NZ with us. We already killed the battery, almost lost the muffler by ramming into a rock and today nearly ran out of gas in the mountains. We’re doing a killer job with our girl.

  6. Molly says:

    Wish I could meet the old girl and our paths crossed. Sounds like an adventure – and happy you’re not driving Laura! :)

  7. Greg and Ash says:

    And boom goes the dynamite! Same campervan we had, though ours was named Bazils. What is the name on the driver-side door? Campbell? Beware the 8.14 Liters/Kilometer petrol consumption.
    .-= Greg and Ash´s last blog ..anaconda-iii-night-dive-of-great-barrier-reef-bait-reef-cluster-of-four-v6 =-.