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Argentina Photos | The Food

Click on the photos for more information on our around the world travel adventure

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pixel Argentina Photos | The Food

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  1. roundwego says:

    Colin, indeed we did hit up La Cabrera. We were pleasantly disappointed. After being written up in the NYT and appearing on Rachael Ray, it is impossible to enjoy your steak and hear anything other than tourists chatting away. Nothing wrong that, we ARE tourists, too; just disappointed that such a great place seems to have lost some of its charm.

  2. roundwego says:

    Ah yes, the croissants are incredible! You can get them made from ´grasa´ or fat or from ´manteca.´ Both, I am sure, are good for you.

  3. colin says:

    Did you guys hit up La Cabrera yet? I’m having meat envy right now. Let us know when you get to S Africa. We can share our itinerary and thoughts. Have fun!

  4. Tiasha says:

    OMG! The croissants!!!