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Scenes from Fiji | Video

Please allow a moment for the video to load. Turn up the volume for optimal enjoyment.

pixel Scenes from Fiji | Video

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  1. April Rueber says:

    How are you able to edit video on the road? Do you have some special video software on your computer?

    Great video.

  2. roundwego says:

    Au contraire, mon ami. We’re fond of the Beirut of New Mexico, not to knock Lebanon or it’s music.

    Thanks for visa heads up. We are ‘stuck’ in Sydney waiting out the process. Not a bad place to be stuck!

  3. Greg says:

    A South Pacific film set to Lebanese music. Love it!

  4. roundwego says:

    Thanks! Beirut has been the soundtrack to our S. Pacific adventures. Can’t get enough.

  5. Todd Dillon says:

    Great song choice!