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The Elvis Presley | New Zealand

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Peanut Butter, Bacon & Banana Sandwich, a.k.a. The Elvis Presley

Some times, you need a little protein with your fat. I (Ryan, not Laura) was fixin’ for a big breakfast to get ready for a day’s drive in New Zealand. This one, topped off with peanut butter, bacon and banana was a favorite of “The King” himself, hence it’s more common name, The Elvis.

In the smaller towns around New Zealand, it’s still common to get your meat from the butcher, vegetables and fruits from the local stand and the rest of your goods at the local grocer. After spending many hours gawking through butchers’ windows, we thought it high time to indulge in some good, fatty bacon.

On this sandy is some of the finest bacon NZ has to offer, so said the butcher where we bought it. Bacon is a key staple in the Kiwi “brekkie,” or breakfast which you can be found served all day in most towns. Needless to say, it was fantastic and won’t be repeated any time soon.

pixel The Elvis Presley | New Zealand

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