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Scones and Jam | Australia

Homemade Scones with Jam and Cream Great Ocean Road e1267686548980 Scones and Jam | Australia

Whipped cream in place of butter was the perfect compliment

Australia has been a place of small splurges for us. Needing some sustenance to fortify us for the stunning Great Ocean Road, we stopped along the Airey’s Inlet lighthouse at a traditional English cottage for scones and jam (yes and sadly, scones and jam is considered a splurge).

Great move by the shop owner on using lightly whipped cream in place of butter. With the homemade raspberry jam, the whipped cream was the perfect partner for the warm scones.

pixel Scones and Jam | Australia

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  1. roundwego says:

    Nothing like a mother’s love to stroke a child’s ego. Thanks, Mom. Packing on the pounds in India now that I can afford to.

  2. Mom Keller says:


    All your articles are making me so hungry. I feel like I’m there eating with you.