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Peking Duck | China

Reason enough to visit Beijing (nee Peking) this traditional meal blew us away. Available at more places than you can shake a chopstick at, our host ensured that we would try this traditional Beijing dish at only the finest establishment.

Up on a terrace overlooking one of Beijing’s leafy parks (yes, they exist), bow-tied waiters brought out all the elements of the quintessential Peking duck feast. First, there is the duck – deboned and carved in a very specific manner. The meat is crispy on the outside but absolutely succulent on the inside with just the right amount of fat to flavor and crunch to please. Next are the accompaniments: doughy crepe, plum sauce, spring onion and thinly-sliced celery. They arrive to the table separately; it’s up to you to put the final product together. And it goes like this.

Take a crepe and place a few pieces of the duck inside. Add a few slices of the cucumber and spring onion. Finally, spoon a dollop of plum sauce on top. Wrap it up like a mini burrito (or mu shu pork) and enjoy! Oh man, enjoy. Just writing this now is killing me…quack quack.

pixel Peking Duck | China

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