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“Talumba” from Zambia

Morning e1318287398723 Talumba from Zambia

We’re excited to share that the Chicago Marathon was a success and our marathon fundraising efforts a victory for those twelve little ones in Africa. We’ve raised nearly $3,000 for the kids and are still going strong. We are grateful for the support and the donations will certainly go a long way in Zambia. We’ll be working closely with the director of Oz Kids over the next few weeks to figure out how best to allocate this money. We’ll certainly be in touch to share details on how your contributions have benefited the children.

In the meantime, we wanted to share our path to the Chicago Marathon and a warm “Talumba” (thank you in the local tongue of Tonga) on behalf of the kids. Please check out the video below and thanks again for helping us make their world a little brighter.

pixel Talumba from Zambia

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  1. Elise says:

    Amazing! So proud of you two!

  2. B and Piers says:

    we just watched the video you put together and it is amazing!!! congrats again on your great race and all the money you were able to raise for the kids in zambia!! xoxo