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Top casinos to visit when travelling Asia

Those travelling Asia in search of the very best in casino gaming should pay particular attention to four places – Macau, South Korea, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur – with these casinos standing out in each location. Macau Despite a recent decline in revenue, Macau is still the gambling capital of the world (that’s right, even ahead of Vegas).

The only problem for fans of casino slot or table games in Macau will be in knowing where to start. There are thirty casinos here, all of which are enticing, but the Casino Lisboa is certainly one you can’t afford to miss. It has been on the scene since 1970, but is much bigger and better now than it was then, with distinctive Eastern games of chance such as Fan-Tan to complement the standard choices, and a lotus flower shaped design for the complex that is truly unique amongst casino architecture. South Korea The only casino that South Koreans are permitted to play at is the Kangwon, but most visitors to the country will favour the huge Paradise Casino Walker Hill.

Located close to Seoul, it is the largest one in the country and offers a wide array of games including both Eastern and European games. If you aren’t used to the Eastern games, it may be an idea to check them out if you can at a site such as Gaming Club's Australian casino. The last thing you want to do is jump into a game feet first without knowing what you’re doing. The Kangwon also features fascinating ‘gift events’ for tourists – where the casino takes the opportunity to demonstrate its appreciation for their custom. Singapore The choice of casinos here is a little easier, as there are only the two in Singapore, but for family trips it should be the Sentosa that wins out.

It offers visitors a choice of Oceanarium and Universal Studios theme park – as well as the huge Candylicious shop for those with a sweet tooth – as well as top class gaming in its giant casino. Kuala Lumpur The only legal casino in Kuala Lumpur is the Genting Highlands, but it is doubtful whether any other could compete with it anyway. It is found within a complex at the top of a hill, and this complex also houses Malaysia’s most sizeable theme park, restaurants and hotel accommodation. This is definitely the Malaysian casino to end them all.

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