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Ciao Chitown

IMG 1488v44 Ciao Chitown

Outside our home in Chicago

Nine rolls of bubble wrap, 20 rolls of tape and 42 boxes later, our home is all packed up. Everything we own, besides the clothes on our back and those tightly rolled in our packs, has been packed and stored away in an oversized metal box on the west side of Chicago.

It’s certainly a strange feeling to have all you own locked and stored away. It makes you wonder how you’ve accumulated all these things over the years, and you begin to re-evaluate the things in your life you convince yourself you need.

After a week of goodbyes, visiting our favorite watering holes and filling up on the very best of Chicago pub grub, we closed the door on our first home together and set off for our hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. We’ll spend the next few weeks catching up with family and friends and tying up the many loose ends on our trip planning before we embark on our overseas adventure.

With no home to call our own and just weeks away from departing, the reality of this journey is really beginning to set in.

pixel Ciao Chitown

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